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Utah Suburban Deer Management Archive

A List of Articles in the Archive

'Marauding' deer (deer as neighborhood pets) February 15, 2011

All quiet on the Bountiful 'deer front' March 3, 2011 Utah

Alpine considers pros and cons of urban deer management plan September 7, 2014 Utah

Alpine residents participate in deer management survey March 30, 2015 Utah

Alpine survey: Do we have a deer problem? March 13, 2015 Utah

Bountiful Deer Plan considered March 3, 2014 Utah

Bountiful deer program makes progress May 29, 2015 Utah

Bountiful deer relocation program still going strong January 21, 2015 Utah

Bountiful group plans protest over deer killings November 12, 2010

Bountiful may need to thin deer again October 15, 2011 Utah

Bountiful OKs higher fences to keep deer out March 29, 2012 Utah

Bountiful Residents locking horns over urban deer September 17, 2010 Utah

Bountiful tries to limit the prancing and pawing of each little hoof December 12, 2014 Utah

Bountiful, Deer complaints remain high in Bountiful September 26, 2014 Utah,

Bountiful, Deer relocation still going strong February 12, 2015 Utah

Bountiful, DWR begin 2nd year of urban deer program, research December 8, 2014 Utah

Bountiful: Deer culling starts now in Bountiful November 7, 2010 Utah

Bountiful: Deer Culling: DWR overrules vigorous protesters December 18, 2010

Bountiful: Protest held as more deer are killed December 19, 2010 Utah

Bountiful: Relocate deer north December 29, 2010

Bountiful: Some residents opposed to city-backed deer shootings December 15, 2010 Utah

Brigham City's urban deer herd growing August 19, 2014 Utah

BYU, Campus deer encounters likely to increase as Utah deer population rises March 3, 2016 Utah

Cache Valley residents plead for help with urban deer problem May 5, 2011 Utah

Catch and release program in place to cut deer population in Bountiful January 6, 2015 Utah

Centerville City Council Approves Urban Deer Control Plan On A "Complaint Basis" November 18, 2015 Utah

Centerville considers solutions to deer problem September 18, 2015 Utah

Contraception for wildlife? It might work in some cases October 24, 2011 Utah

Decision still to be made on Logan deer management issue August 18, 2016 Utah,

Deer in the crosshairs October 18, 2010 Utah Urban

Deer roams SLC neighborhood with an arrow sticking out of its shoulder November 24, 2018 Utah

Draper moves to allow limited deer kills in city limits July 17, 2018 Utah

Few deer killed in Bountiful hunts January 12, 2011 Utah

Herriman city officials to consider urban deer hunt August 26, 2014 Utah

Herriman, 4 deer killed with arrows, left to waste in Herriman November 18, 2014 Utah

Highland council OKs urban bow and arrow deer hunt August 8, 2013 Utah

Highland Deer Hunt November 17, 2013 Utah,

Highland deer population may have a date with bow hunters July 21, 2013 Utah

Highland passes Utah's first deer hunt inside city limits September 8, 2012

Highland Urban deer hunt back on agenda August 5, 2014 Utah,

Highland urban deer hunt could begin within a month July 17, 2013 Utah

Highland, Could neighbors be accidental targets in Highland hunt? September 24, 2013 Utah

Highland, Officials looking for solutions as deer herds settle in cities October 13, 2012 Utah

Highland, Residents petition Highland to cease pilot urban deer management program July 27, 2014 Utah

Highland, State calls urban hunt safe, gives liability to Highland October 4, 2013 Utah

Highland, Urban bow and arrow deer hunting August 12, 2013 Utah

Highland, Urban deer hunts likely to spread quickly October 11, 2013 Utah

Holladay proposes ordinance to prohibit feeding deer September 15, 2015 Utah

Holladay seeing growing urban deer population January 12, 2016

Lilly, Pet deer can stay with Michigan family June 24, 2013

Logan City adopts anti-deer-feeding ordinance December 8, 2016 Utah

Logan city council holds decision on ordinance for trapping deer August 20, 2015 Utah

Logan considering urban deer trap-and-release program April 22, 2015 Utah,

Logan exploring non-lethal options for urban deer herd April 24, 2015 Utah

Logan surveying residents on deer management program November 16, 2016 Utah

Logan's urban deer population is becoming a growing problem April 9, 2015 Utah

Logan, Deer decision should not be made hastily August 14, 2015 Utah

Logan, Preserving undeveloped areas in valley will help deer January 22, 2016 Utah

Love 'em or hate 'em, urban deer herd is growing February 18, 2011 Utah

Monticello's deer population to be culled September 18, 2013 Utah

Mule Deer Foundation Assists Urban Relocation Project January 6, 2015 Utah

North Logan should reconsider deer removal March 17, 2015 Utah

North Logan to consider killing deer in urban herd management plan September 8, 2015 Utah,

North Logan: What to do with growing herd of urban deer? February 4, 2011 Utah Urban

North Ogden looking to curb urban deer population, bows and arrows an option August 1, 2017 Utah, Standard-Examiner ... According to the Utah

North Ogden, In North Ogden, a measured approach to urban deer November 19, 2017 Utah

North Salt Lake homeowners freaking out over deer September 8, 2014 Utah

North Salt Lake, Archers may be called in to thin deer herd of 500 in NSL October 22, 2014 Utah

North Salt Lake, Deer to face taller fences in NSL backyards September 4 2014 Utah

North Salt Lake, NSL proposes deer removal plan March 13, 2015 Utah

North Salt Lake, NSL seeks public opinion on deer March 2, 2016 Utah,

Oh, Deer! USU Students Exploring Solutions for Human-Wildlife Conflicts December 17, 2014 Utah

Parowan deer relocation survival rate higher than expected April 16, 2015 Utah

Pleasant View, Deer numbers surge in Pleasant View August 31, 2013 Utah

Providence residents concerned about deer within city limits June 9, 2011 Utah

Provo city considering urban deer hunt program July 8, 2015 Utah

Provo may draft archers to tackle growing deer troubles July 9, 2016 Utah

Provo's urban deer capture and relocation program completes first year February 23, 2017 Utah

Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife deems deer translocation a success March 11, 2015 Utah

Stop the deer massacre November 2, 2015 Utah,

To kill or not to kill: Cities have different views on management of urban deer October 18, 2015 Utah

University of Utah, wildlife decreases as construction increases February 6, 2012

Urban deer survey begun in Brigham City October 11, 2014 Utah

USU club aims to help locals deer-proof yards November 26, 2014 Utah

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources discusses Mule Deer transplant project February 19, 2015

Utah DWR Recommends hunting changes for 2015 November 6, 2014

Wounded deer is dear to North Salt Lake man January 11, 2011 Utah Urban