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Missouri Deer NewsArchive

A List of Articles in the Archive

Looking for what's left behind, antlers March 5, 2012 Missouri

A good dog makes shed hunting easier February 8, 2015 Missouri

Albino Deer Spotted in Missouri December 6, 2011

Arnold's Albino Deer are Rare, But Not Uncommon May 14, 2011 Missouri

Billings man harvests 22-point deer: That's a doe! November 25, 2015

Cape Girardeau hunter ponders where to display white deer mount April 14, 2015 Missouri

Deer in city shot by person in pickup; left to be put down by Springfield police November 20, 2013 Missouri

Deer wounded by arrow spotted at Lake Springfield November 5, 2015 Missouri,

Doe, a deer, a cemetery friend May 22, 2012 Missour

Dogs trained to hunt, retrieve antlers February 19, 2016 Missouri,

Edwardsville couple’s garden opens a window on wildlife July 15, 2015 Missouri

Ella the Deer, Dog who befriend deer in cemetary gets new home March 15, 2013 Missouri,

Ella, About 200 gather to remember Ella the deer in service at KC cemetery September 14, 2013 Missouri

Ella, Charges filed in killing of Kansas City cemetery deer August 30, 2013 Missouri

Ella, It's OK to mourn Ella the deer August 30, 2013 Missouri

Ella, Popular deer who befriended dog in cemetery found shot August 5, 2013 Missour

Ella, Reward offered for information on Ella the deer's killer August 12, 2013 Missouri

Elmwood Cemetery dog is captured, but deer pal Ella is perplexed December 10, 2012 Missouri

Family, Neighbors Upset After Officials Kill Pet Deer March 10, 2014 Missouri

Feeding deer a growing tradition at Jefferson Barracks cemetery February 1, 204 Missouri

Find Missouri elk with MDC driving tours September 20, 2014

Heal division between Legislature, Conservation May 20, 2015 Missouri

Interview with a Deer February 13, 2013 Missouri

Kansas City police rescue deer on 87th Street bridge September 5, 2013 Missouri

Local albino deer attracts attention December 20, 2011 Missour

Missouri Department of Conservation Celebrating 75 Years November 16, 2011

Missouri Hunter Feels Heat for Killing Albino Deer December 5, 2014

Missouri neighborhood claims they were visited by friendliest deer in the Northland January 21, 2015 Missouri

Missouri Town Hosting Vigil for Dead Deer January 7, 2015 Missouri

MoDOT Acknowledges Deer Literacy Program Has Failed April 2, 2013 Missouri

Oh, Deer! Crew Frees Trapped Animal May 14, 2013 Missouri

Pale deer spotted in Cape are true albinos November 26, 2013 Missouri

Poachers May Have Killed Albino Deer in Arnold May 9, 2011 Missouri

Property owner isn't buying David Freese's deer story November 30, 2012 Missouri

Reward tops $4000 mark for elk poaching; State rep to file tougher poaching bill Tuesday January 4, 2016 Missouri,

St. Louis Deer spotted in downtown St. Louis June 1, 2012, Missour

Stray elk put down near Jackson September 28, 2014 Missouri

White deer seen again in Lake of the Ozarks area April 20, 2013 Missouri

Wildlife enjoyable to watch at Wilson's Creek National Battlefield September 2, 2012 Missouri