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Washington Suburban Deer Management Archive

Alternative methods for controlling Snoqualmie Valley elk herd January 18, 2012 Washington

Bellingham, A $250 fine is just one of the many reasons you don't want to do this in Bellingham April 8, 2018 Washington

Bellingham, Deer found shot by crossbow bolt in Bellingham August 24, 2015 Washington

Coyotes behind recent Ponderosa neighborhood deer kills February 8, 2016 Washington

Gig Harbor, Hunting of any kind now prohibited in city limits December 6, 2017 Washington,

Hunting expansion to be debated June 23, 2011 Washington

Lakewood City: Deer huggers likely outnumber deer haters (suburban deer culling) January 7, 2011 Washintgon

Oh, deer…in Colville April 12, 2011 Washington

Port Townsend, Counting our city deer herd March 16, 2016 Washington

Port Townsend, Deer census in Port Townsend tallies 230 animals in 30 minutes April 15, 2016 Washington

Port Townsend, Deer count tallies 238 in Port Townsend April 6, 2016

Port Townsend, Progress report on dueling deer petitions September 18, 2013

Relocating moose gets big boost from state March 11, 2012 Washington

WDFW investigating deer found shot by arrow in Spokane neighborhood October 31, 2019 Washington, 

Whidbey, Survey may steer how state handles deer population June 28, 2014 Washington