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Ohio Deer in the News Archive

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Abandoned fawn falls victim to laws of nature June 2, 2013 Ohio

Akron Zoo welcomes newborn Siberian musk deer Little Bucky June 21, 2019 Ohio

Akron Zoo welcomes their first ever musk deer fawn August 13, 2018 Ohio

Amazing deer rescue in Geauga County January 7, 2016 Ohio,

Baby deer finds way into ditch — and hearts September 13, 2014 Ohio

Book recounts state wildlife officer's years of infiltrating poacher rings December 9, 2012 Ohio

Cancer claims life of woman who fought Ohio to keep two deer April 19, 2014

Champaign County man charged for letting captive deer run loose April 29, 2015 Ohio

Chasing Down the Elusive Piebald Deer in Avon Lake June 2, 2011

Columbus Zoo announces birth of baby Siberian musk deer August 15, 2019 Ohio

Community raises orphaned fawn after mother deer dies in traffic November 14, 2014

Compassionate Ohio seeks fawn rehab centers May 8, 2015 Ohio

Deal allows Knox County woman to keep pet deer, raccoons December 18, 2013 Ohio

Dear to their hearts: Gladwin family raises whitetails December 15, 2014 Ohio

Deer befriends hunters in northern Ohio, encounter caught on video June 18, 2012

Deer complaints keep wildlife officers busy February 21, 2014 Ohio,

Deer gets state pardon, can remain at Vermilion farm October 29, 2014 Ohio

Deer helps heal hearts February 8, 2013 Ohio

Deer makes friends in Boston Heights neighborhood July 10, 2011 Ohio

Deer Sanctuaries in Ohio October 21, 2014

Dillie the deer receives a special blessing February 19, 2012 Ohio

Dillie, Deer lives in home of couple who rescued it March 26, 2013 Ohio

Educators gather for WILD projects August 17, 2011 Ohio

Family nurses deer to health, face fears of euthanasia by state agents October 13, 2015 Ohio

Fawn rescue a good deed, indeed May 23, 2012 Ohio

Fight Over Orphaned Deer Continues: Judge Postpones Issuing Ruling September 12, 2015 Ohio

Firefighters rescue deer from icy pond in Colerain Township February 27, 2015 Ohio

Gravton, Smell from parts of hundreds of deer leads to investigation in Lorain County April 14, 2017 Ohio

Holmes County deer hunter fined $28,000 December 21, 2018 Ohio

How to determine a deer’s mood by its tail October 29, 2019 Ohio

Human, not deer, is culprit in theft of flowers from Sheffield Lake bridge July 30, 2015 Ohio,

Injured deer in Mentor may have to be euthanized August 15, 2012 Ohio

Man Rescues Deer from Frozen River January 11, 2014 Ohio

Man shoots deer in neighbor's yard and filmed viciously kicking it August 19, 2014 Ohio

Mansfield firefighters rescue albino deer September 10, 2019 Ohio

Mentor, Deer heads found in Mentor man's yard October 29, 2015 Ohio

Milu deer fighting its way out of extinction October 15, 2018 Ohio

Monster Buck Worth Almost $20K Escapes Hunting Pen, Teen Kills It December 21, 2014 Ohio

No Kill Deer Hunt a success February 3, 2019 Ohio

North Canton herd draws attention, concerns July 24, 2017 Ohio

North Canton's unofficial deer park December 18, 2017 Ohio

ODNR: Deer dies from its injuries November 7, 2013 Ohio

Officer shoots deer in front of Middleburg Heights church August 17, 2015 Ohio

Officials find deer with plastic pumpkin stuck on its head November 10, 2014 Ohio

Ohio Division of Wildlife threatens to kill young deer rescued by Vermilion woman June 11, 2014

Ohio division of wildlife wants to remove, kill Vermilion woman's deer June 23, 2014

Ohio Family Raises Pet Deer, Dillie July 29, 2010

Ohio police rescue deer lodged in between two fences September 3, 2018

Ohio rescuers working to free deer from plastic pumpkin December 5, 2017

Ohio wildlife chief submits resignation September 21, 2015

One of three piebald deer dies in Avon Lake December 4, 2014 Ohio

Owner of Detroit disposal yard having trouble safely removing deer stuck behind fence July 11, 2018 Ohio

Parma police rescue deer from icy pond December 10, 2018 Ohio

Petition for Bucky the Friendly Deer September 10, 2014 Ohio

Petition to Provide the Injured, Too Tame for the Wild or Handicapped Deer Legal Sanctuary October 27 Ohio

Piebald deer was also a beloved neighborhood icon November 6, 2014 Ohio

Port Clinton, Harbor Patrol saves fawn from water May 27, 2014 Ohio

Rent a reindeer during the most wonderful time of the year December 15, 2017 Ohio,

Residents rally to pull deer from Lake Erie March 14, 2019 Ohio

Sandusky's Lagoon Deer Park offers family fun for animal lovers July 23, 2014 Ohio

Saving Trooper October 4, 2015 Ohio Facebook page

Saving Wheezer, the Orphaned Deer August 31, 2015 Ohio

Siberian musk deer fawn born at the Akron Zoo July 13, 2018 Ohio

Spencer, Injured deer apparently makes way back into woods April 11, 2014 Ohio

Support Trooper's Law & Make Compassion Legal October 5, 2014 Ohio

The White Deer Janujary 25, 2013 Ohio

Three charged for leaving mutilated deer outside Strongsville high school September 20, 2015 Ohio

Toledo, Beheaded deer found in Toledo city park February 5, 2016 Ohio

Trooper and Patch, Woman Wants To Keep Rescued Deer On Farm July 29, 2013 Ohio

Trooper the deer is safe December 17, 2013 Ohio

Trooper's Bill has been assigned a number, HB 267! June 27, 2015

Trooper's Law would provide sanctuary, not killing, of injured, orphaned deer July 16, 2015 Ohio

Trooper, Petition lobbies for woman's ability to keep rescued deer, raccoons September 15, 2013 Ohio

Trooper, Save the injured deer, Ohio lawmaker says October 16, 2015

Trooper, Settlement assures Ohio woman's wild pets will be home for the holidays December 24, 2013

Trooper, Trial delayed for Knox County woman who saved deer, raccoons August 21, 2013 Ohio

Trooper,Former vet tech faces fine, jail for saving raccoons, deer August 12, 2013 Ohio

Trophy buck costs Ohio resident almost $28,000 in restitution October 13, 2015

Volunteers, wildlife officials save stuck buck November 7, 2019 Ohio

We are moving forward with Trooper's Law proposal & we want more than just sanctuary. Restore Compassion now! January 21, 2015 Ohio

We harvest crops, not sensitive, breathing animals December 18, 2019 Ohio

White deer find home at Cambridge's Deerassic Park March 11, 2015 Ohio

Wickliffe police rescue two deer from freezing water, Video November 23, 2015 Ohio

Willoughby Hills couple keeps track of rare white deer April 4, 2014 Ohio

Wire-entrapped deer still hanging around Mentor neighborhood August 20, 2012 Ohio

Woman fighting to prevent her ‘Baby’ deer from being put down June 11, 2014 Ohio