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Arkansas Suburban Deer Management Archive

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Bull Shoals, 'Deer dump' worries citizens along Bull Shoals Lake June 10, 2014 Arkansas

Fort Smith, 100 Expected In Fort Smith's First Urban Hunt September 1, 2013 Arkansas

Fort Smith, 100 Expected In Fort Smith's First Urban Hunt September 1, 2013 Arkansas

Heber Springs, Corps to issue permits for deer hunt at Greers Ferry Lake August 4, 2014

Little Rock, Board weighs Little Rock deer hunt amid concern July 8, 2019 Arkansas

     Deer hunting in Little Rock? It's being studied June 17, 2019 Arkansas, Arkansas Times (blog)

Magnolia considers options for urban deer hunt in 2014 August 27, 2013 Arkansas

Magnolia, Urban deer hunt comes before City Council today September 23, 2013 Arkansas

Registration Begins April 1 for 8 Urban Archery Deer Hunts March 27, 2014 Arkansas

Registration Open for Seven Urban Archery Deer Hunts May 26, 2013 Arkansas

Russellville, Urban deer hunts arrow needs of hunters, residents December 29, 2013 Arkansas

Arkansas Urban Deer Hunts Undergo Changes June 9, 2015

Eureka Springs Council hunts for solution August 24, 2011 Arkansas

Eureka Springs council nixes voter-approved urban deer hunt September 5, 2012 Arkansas

Eureka Springs Council postpones deer hunt September 8, 2011, Arkansas

Eureka Springs council sends deer hunt back to committee for review July 13, 2012 Arkansas

Eureka Springs deer hunt dies on council table August 30, 2012 Arkansas

Eureka Springs now taking applications for fall Urban Deer Hunt June 12, 2012 Arkansas

Eureka Springs, City Council remiss in killing in-town deer September 13, 2012 Arkansas

Eureka Springs, Council member threatens litigation over deer hunt September 27, 2012 Arkansas

Eureka Springs, Deer Hunt Committee reassures public June 26, 2012 Arkansas

Eureka Springs, Urban deer hunt ends; local newspaper called out for poor reporting February 28, 2013 Arkansas

Eureka's urban deer hunt put on hold July 27, 2012 Arkansas

Fort Smith to Consider an Urban Deer Hunt January 8, 2013 Arkansas

Fort Smith, Board of Directors votes to allow urban deer hunt in city limits February 5, 2013 Arkansas

Game and Fish presents urban hunting proposal April 13, 2012 Akansas

Lakeview urban deer hunt set June 20, 2012 Arkansas

Lakeview's urban deer hunt continues this month January 2, 2012 Arkansas

Lakeview: Archers have sights set on Lakeview urban deer hunt August 31, 2011 Arkansas

Lovely County Commissions spar on animals, infrastructure and personnel April 13, 2011 Arkansas Urban

Russellville: In-town deer hunt possible September 18, 2011 Arkansas

Russelville: City amends Urban Deer Hunt ordinance May 18, 2012Arkansas

Some deer-plauged towns turn to hunting June 30, 2012 Arkansas

Urban deer hunts in 7 Arkansas cities July 9, 2011 Urban Baxter Bulletin

Urban bowhunts put dent in deer numbers September 6, 2016 Arkansas